Hi, I’m Jude – a coach, consultant, thinker and translator on how we approach engagement in an era of disruption, complex social networks, and increasingly chaotic environments.

Connect | Simplify | Change – my approach focuses on connecting people/ systems/ ideas/ ‘the work’, and simplifying and tailoring the approach to deliver more effective outcomes faster.

I help people develop a mindset that enables engagement with the changes that need to be made. I use agile and lean coaching to help clients look at their system of work and adopt better ways of working to increase transparency, empowerment (self-organisation) and focus on outcomes.

My career has included senior executive roles working across Australia/NZ/Asia and the Pacific in financial services, technology, education, consumer services, community services, environmental services, tourism, and broadcast media.

James Macnee

Continuous Delivery Lead

John Baillie

AWS / Cloud Transformation




Agility Strategist, Founder


Agile Project Manager, Founding Member


Agility Coach - Founding Member


Agile Coach - Founding Member