My purpose is to inspire people to delight customers while finding joy in work. I believe coaching and mentoring are about building awareness. In my experience, the art of creating agile enterprise ecosystems requires developing a contagion of curiosity and experimentation. In this spirit, I relentlessly pursue excellence and harmony through deliberate practice in all aspects of life.

I’m trained as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, hold a PhD in Computer Science and serve as an Agile coach and mentor helping numerous organizations transform their thinking, organizational and action habits to achieve better outcomes, all while improving professional and personal satisfaction for everyone involved.


  • Lean thinking and Agile ways of work
    Ways of scaling agility (SAFe, LeSS, DA, etc.)
  • Domain Driven Design
  • Pattern Languages
  • Knowledge Management
  • Enterprise Architecture Frameworks & Methodologies
  • Photography

By the way …my name is intended to be pronounced Ho-ré-ah Sloo-shan-ski

James Macnee

Continuous Delivery Lead

John Baillie

AWS / Cloud Transformation




Agility Strategist, Founder


Agile Project Manager, Founding Member


Agility Coach - Founding Member


Agile Coach - Founding Member