I am passionate about working with organisations and individuals who are looking for a new and better way of achieving successful change. I am a strong advocate of Agile, and I believe that by applying Agile principles with the right mindset and support is a great way of navigating the challenging change journey. Change has become so much part of all of our lives, and our only option now is to choose how we are going to respond to it. I can help you with that.

I have broad experience in the project delivery across the public and private sectors including defence, financial services, telecommunications and media. I have proven skills to deliver outcomes working with all levels of organisations and business stakeholders, across multiple often conflicting parties, to achieve the necessary outcomes and desired change.

I love the online space, and regularly blog about my experiences and share insights into change and human behaviour (White Cat Coaching) and my passion for all things Agile (The Agile Project Manager). I also love to tweet (@emmawhitecat). Join in the conversation!

James Macnee

Continuous Delivery Lead

John Baillie

AWS / Cloud Transformation




Agility Strategist, Founder


Agile Project Manager, Founding Member


Agility Coach - Founding Member


Agile Coach - Founding Member