• WHEN: Friday 8th December 2017 9-5pm
  • WHERE: TBD, Wellington
  • TRAINER: Jude Horrill, Accredited Lean Change Trainer
  • PRICE:
    • Earlybird Price (up to Dec 1st) NZ$635 + GST
    • Regular Price (up to Dec 7th) NZ$795 + GST

Masterclass outline:

  • The ‘why’ of the changing business and social landscape and how to make sense of it
  • What Agile is and how to apply Agile thinking to change programs
  • How a responsive mindset, agile toolkit, and lean change approach assists change engagement
  • The 3-Step Lean Change Cycle: Insights, Options and Experiments
  • The linkages between the Lean Change approach and your current Change Management methodology so you can start to work in a more agile way
  • How to apply this to your own change challenge using a One Page Change Canvas.

We will cover a powerful collaboration framework that helps people to co-create and adopt change, based on the Lean Change Management Practice that uses ideas from Lean Startup’s, Agile, Organisational Development, and Change Management.

Lean Change Management is a feedback-driven approach to achieve change through people engagement, where change is managed and owned by everyone.

Who should attend and why:

  • Change Practitioners who want to understand what agile is and what good agile looks like, how change management works in an agile environment, and share stories with other Change Managers on how they think change is shifting, and their experiences in agile delivery workplaces.
  • Project and Program Managers who want to remove delivery ‘blockers’ and learn more about how to engage their teams.
  • Business Analysts and Architects who want to understand the root cause of business issues and how to design ‘people empowered’ solutions.
  • People Managers who want to help their team’s effectiveness across the business.
  • Agile Practitioners who want to have a broader influence outside of their team and IT department, and learn new tools and techniques.
  • HR / People and Culture practitioners who want to ensure that Change Management is engaging the whole business and lifting capabilities.

What you will receive:

  1. Set of Lean Change Management flash cards (from Jason Little’s Lean Change Management book)
  2. A Certificate of Participation
  3. Access to ongoing support, shared learning and troubleshooting
  4. Membership of the Global Lean Change Agent Network.

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About the Trainer

Why I coach this course

Over recent years it’s become evident that businesses are challenged by the pace and complexity of change and how to respond.  This is leading to changes in what they offer and how they operate. Alongside this is the need for a different approach to how they make those changes with their people.

In my career, I’ve held senior roles across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific in a broad range of sectors including: Financial Services, Education, Technology, Telecommunications, Consumer Services, Environmental Services, Tourism, Broadcast Media, and Corporate Responsibility/Sustainability.

I have been the lead on, or integral to, the successful delivery of large scale change and enterprise transformation programs in operations transformation, enterprise technology implementations, mergers and acquisitions, integrations, divestments, people and culture programs, off-shoring and outsourcing, restructures, internal social projects, customer service change, and branding programs …to name a few.

For more information view my LinkedIn profile

I was delighted to join the first Agile & Lean Change course … I’d recommend this to Change Managers wanting to incorporate agile & lean techniques; and to agilists who need to understand Change. It’s a powerful blend of both Change and Agile and you’ll leave with a kitbag of new, pragmatic tools to support your team’s learning and help them achieve better outcomes.

Penelope BarrTechnology Leader, Transformation, Digital & Program Director. ANZ Bank

What I’ve noticed is that when I’m implementing UX into a business, we also need to talk Change Management. I took away from this course an understanding, toolkit and lean process to use in those conversations. The synergies between UX and Change processes were uncanny and how nicely they were extended in this session. I’d recommend this course if you want to continuously manage and monitor change across your business from the 80/20 perspective and get your 80% impact from 20% effort.

Bernard SchokmanFounder, UXTraining.com.au & UXMoshpit.com

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