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 General agile questions

What's with big A and little a agile?

That’s a classic question and on that gets asked a lot. Big A Agile is a noun, to name the set of practices used in software delovment, things like Scrum, XP, Lean Kanban etc.

Little a agile is used as a verb, and is used more literally. It describes a more nimble way of doing things, becoming adaptive. Although it has a relationship with big A agile, and shares many ways of doing things …it does not presume or impose a framework.

Why do you think mindset is so important?

Mindset is the most important pears in successful Agilr or agile practices. Mindset can be taught, but it often requires people to go through a painful unlearning process, because many principles go compleatly against or experience and emotionally ingrained ways of doing tings, and thinking.

for instance, rather than analysing and planning for every contingency in order to control or feel more comfortable in complex situations, agile will seek to decompose the complexity into its smallest possible components, in order to test our assumptions as to the right thing to do, and then keep chipping away, until there’s no complexity left. It is less about planning (a form of procrastination) and more about just doing.