The preamble

There’s more than digital disruption going on. Sure, the pace of technology innovation and its impact is relentless and significant, but what’s also of interest to me is the groundswell of people thinking about, and implementing, new ways of working.

This is disrupting the status quo in a more understated manner, you could even use the word ‘covertly’. Alongside this, more overtly and with increasing momentum, organisations are moving to alternative company structures, leadership styles, operating models and more. In some instances, professions are being turned upside down, morphing/evolving or disappearing.

One of those professions is the change practitioner.

The background

In founding the Change Hangout in Melbourne and Sydney over two years ago, its been revealing and rewarding to see the turn out from so many different professional fields, and the hunger for discussion on responding to the broken world of work, how to influence changing the way we work, and how we ‘do’ change.

Those who turn up regularly and in increasing numbers, identify with change regardless of whether it is in their job description, they’re in a team implementing change or they’re charged with delivering business benefits from change initiatives.

We are all in the same boat.

The Idea

Was to create a space where we could put a topic or two out there, run things up the flagpole in open, free-ranging discussion and have a few drinks while we were at it.

So my co-creator Brent Williams and I started a community event and the invite went like this …

This space is for anyone interested in disrupting the status quo on how we manage change in the fast emerging new world of work. Ever felt like you’re still managing projects rather than future proofing your workplace in an era of constant change? Want to push change beyond transactional into the transformational space? Afraid to ask where the customers voice is in all the change chaos? If you’re up for challenging conversation on these issues and more, and feel the pace of change delivery is too slow, too complex, or just plain wrong … then this is the Hangout for you.

So far we’ve had fun with these themes:

  1. Are we there yet? – the status of Change Management
  2. Change and The Customer
  3. Top down, bottom up, or middle out?
  4. Change and Agile
  5. Physiology vs Psychology of Change
  6. Change and The Digital Beast
  7. UX and Change …naturally
  8. Co-create and Win – Adopting Lean Change
  9. Cultural Change – Monsters and Heroes
  10. The Language of Change – Change our language, change our thinking
  11. Changing engagement and engaging in change
  12. Agility and you – it starts where you stand
  13. Engagement design – start with insights
  14. It’s all about Collaboration!
  15. Business agility – what does it mean?

With this last one, ‘Business agility – what does it mean?’, the underlying theme is changing times require different approaches.

A shared challenge we increasingly hear is the need to adopt a different way of working to address the fast emerging new reality of work.

To some degree, in order to think differently we need to be prepared to unlearn.

As well, one solution we’re all hearing about is ‘being agile’. To build or flex your agility muscles. This is different to ‘doing agile’. And it starts with mindset shift and ‘correction’ of our thinking.

Join us at this next gig in Sydney this week kindly sponsored by Charter Hall.

Check out our short video here – The Change Hangout – with our Sydney based collaborators Stefan Norrvall and Dr Richard Claydon

Hi I’m Jude, I’m a coach, consultant, speaker and thinker on how we shift our thinking, approach engagement, and adopt new ways of working in an era of disruption, complex social networks, and increasingly chaotic environments.

Connect with me for a chat via LinkedIn …I’d love to hear your views and stories on how you’re disrupting your own status quo. After all, this is where it starts …don’t wait for anyone else.