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Our agility coaching cultivates the capabilities of each team member in their specific roles and enables them to deliver customer value rapidly. Our coaches embed with your teams and help you navigate through real-world challenges. Our coaches help you identify the obstacles preventing your teams from delivering consistent customer value.

Coaching is about bringing out the best in individuals and leveraging their experience and knowledge so they can solve their own problems. Our coaches help accelerate teams past the tricky parts that even the best training cannot prepare them for. We go the extra mile to lead where necessary, and then to support the team as they gain momentum and start moving in the right direction. Balancing coaching capabilities with mentoring, teaching and facilitating, our coaches transform talented individuals into an awesome team.

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Coaching and Facilitation
August 17, 2017

The 9 domains of Coaching

This is a deep dive to explain the different functions our coaches perform as part of their Coaching role. Some agility events or ceremonies may require the Coach to lead with a certain role or may switch between them as the situation dictates. 1. Reflective…
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