A workshop on Nov 2nd (2017), hosted by the Ark Group, in Sydney and facilitated by Jude …who is also chair of the event.

Registration is at 8:30 am; Workshop starts: 9.00 am; ends: 12.00 pm

About the workshop:

How do we approach employee communications in an era of disruption, complex social networks, digital and social communication technologies, and increasingly chaotic environments? On top of that, how do we adapt to the fast emerging new world of work and deal with the employee disengagement epidemic?

In this changing landscape, employee agility is the principal driver of employee performance.

So how do we move from the old communication models where employees are the objects of change, to an environment where communication enables employee decisions and increases workplace happiness?

The internal communications function must look at shifting their mindset, structure and processes, learning new capabilities, and using new tools.

We will explore:

  • The ‘why’ of the changing landscape and how to make sense of it
  • The drivers of employee agility
  • A new role for communicators
  • Building an agile IC function
  • The IC Toolkit for agility – employee user stories, visual story canvases and more.

About the workshop leader:

As a speaker, consultant, coach and sense-maker, Jude facilitates shifts in thinking about employee engagement and communications to respond to the newly emerging world of work.

Passionate about better ways of working, she helps clients change their approach to leadership, collaboration, engagement and communication so they can grow their ability to adapt to rapidly shifting markets and customer demands.

As a Founder of The Agility Collective, an agency that builds adaptive business, Jude is the Principle Engagement Design Consultant, Business Agility Coach, and Lean Change Facilitator. 

The Agility Collective partners with other experts in the fields of agile, lean, systems and design thinking, and their services cover the domains of Organisational Thinking/ Design and Engagement. They also build and deliver thought provoking events, and game changing training and coaching programs.

Jude will share anecdotes from private, public, and not for profit case studies from her experiences across Australia/NZ/Asia and the Pacific in the financial services, technology, education, consumer / social / and environmental services, tourism, and broadcast media sectors.

Jude is also the Founder of the Change Disruptor and Business agility Forums in Melbourne, Sydney and Wellington