I’m kind of almost over wondering why so many struggle with influencing and implementing change, and am more focused on the how of alternative approaches.

I’m not on my own.  For many organisations there is a negative shared experience of using existing approaches to change.

A different way is required, because we now have all the ingredients for a new recipe.

As we look to make sense of the madness, which is the shared experience of change, I know that different outcomes can be gained from a simpler approach viewed through a different lens.

Daniel Kahneman, psychologist and author of bestseller ‘Thinking, Fast and Slow’, has said:

“Adaptation seems to be, to a substantial extent, a process of reallocating your attention”.

Lovely. This chunks that big word ‘adaptation’ down.  Makes it simple …it even sounds achievable.

It is.

Adaptation, as a new approach, allocates attention to three key things: Leadership, Collaboration and Communication.

To deal with change we need to…

  • Embrace disruption
  • Polish our leadership lens
  • Apply an ecosystem mindset
  • Adapt quickly
  • Exchange with each other to create and engage with the new reality.

Let’s take the first point.  Embrace disruption. If we choose to see disruption as an agent of change, then out of chaos, clarity will emerge.  After all, isn’t there something to be said for the phrase ‘the pain of same is greater than the pain of change’?

You can view more of my ideas on a simplified 3 step change approach in this presentation [From my recent Keynote at the Learning Environments Australasia conference]

If you’re interested in this approach I’d love to chat, so please get in touch atwww.judehorrill.com 

And come along to my next Change Hangout 14 July to be part of theCultural Change – Monsters & Heroes session. A collaboration withRichard Claydon and Stefan Norrvall who pose the question ‘If art reflects our society’s fears and desires can we learn something from popular TV series? From Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead? From Tyrion in Game of Thrones? From Frank Underwood in House of Cards? Or from Walter White in Breaking Bad?’

Don’t miss this one.  It’s scarily good.